Associate Producer for “The Edge of Her Mind Anthology”

A powerful anthology of short films, made by and about women, shining a compassionate light on mental health.



8 Women Directors
8 Powerful Stories
8 Women On The Edge…
Over 100 Awards and Nominations

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2020 News – VFX rich Sci-Fi film STAY

The VFX rich Sci-Fi film “STAY” is currently gearing up for WW distribution.  I am honored to play one of the LEAD roles as “Isabella” in this super-cool “BLACK MIRROR” worthy short film.  The creator is mega-talented Director/Writer/VFX Master/Animator (Aqua Man + ) #LazaroHernandez – of Bunker VFX/Animation, Inc.  Along with talented Producer: Tom Edwards, Tom Edwards Productions, Inc. & highly regarded Cinematographer, #JordanT.Parrott. 
Everyone in the cast and crew was phenominal to work with! #Grateful More details to follow! 
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Gina Lee on IMDb

Gina Lee on IMDb

New York Film Academy – Filmmaking Program

So thrilled to announce I am continuing my Filmmaking Program @ New York Film Academy (NYFA) @ the Burbank Warner Bros. Campus”  2018 – Present

Now A Proud Member of SAG-AFTRA

It’s official! SAG-Aftra membership – 12/2018

Booked! Lead Role in Sci-Fi Film “STAY”

Woo-hoo! Booked the LEAD role as Isabelle in the Sci-Fi film “STAY” written/directed by award-winning live-action/digital animation master Lazaro Hernandez.  He was part of the visual effects team on Star Trek (2016).  Principle Photography begins April 6, 2018

The Second Coming of Christ

FF “The Second Coming of Christ” 
Gina Lee – UN Delegate

Now SAG-Eligible!

I’m now SAG-Eligible!

Booked! Principle Role in the Western TV Pilot “SOILED DOVES”

Thrilled to announce we start filming the TV PILOT for “Soiled Doves” on November 8, 2017 on location in Joshua Tree!

Producers:  TeamRAD Productions & Team BelLipoma Productions
Director:  Lauren Tracy – Blue Fevr Productions.

For more information:


Booked! Supporting Role in HBO APA Visionaries

Grateful to be a busy bee actor! Booked a supporting role on a awesome short film for the 2018 HBO APA Visionaries Short Film Competition!!! Blessed to be working with such a talented group of filmmakers in this! PP starts 10/7!

Booked Guest Star on People Magazine Investigates

Discovery Channel’s True Crime Drama “People Magazine Investigates”: Gina Lee Guest Stars as Defense Attorney Cynthia Stout in Season 2, Episode 11 “Alaskan Temptress” S 2 Ep 11 – Air date 1-22-18.

Review from Julie Abrams, CEO/Talent Manager at DreamScope Entertainment

“Thank you Gina Lee.  Your passion for the business is inspiring, your commitment to your craft, career & business is unwavering, and your fierce entrepreneurial spirit & skill set is beyond impressive.  For these reasons and so many more you are destined for success, because you aren’t talking about making the life you want happen, you are taking action & doing whatever it takes to make it happen!  What a pleasure to be in your world.  Looking forward to continuing to work closely together & have a very small part in helping you continue to get to new levels! XO!”

– Julie Abrams, CEO/Talent Manager at DreamScope Entertainment
(Facebook, September 2017)

Cast as Co-Star in Western TV Show

Cast in Co-Star role as Mrs. Lee in the Western genre TV Series “Soiled Doves”, Director:  Lauren Tracey, Producers:  TeamRAD Productions (more info on IMDb)

Sitcom Technique Training

Starting Sitcom technique weekly classes with Sitcom guru Scott Sedita in August – December 2017! 

Deadly Sins Guest Star